At this time of year I often find it hard to tell if a sneeze is due to a cold or hayfever – only now it suddenly seems to matter!

5 thoughts on “Spring

  1. As a fellow allergy sufferer, I feel your pain. Why do allergy symptoms have to so perfectly mimic a cold! Or worse?

    On the plus side, at this moment in time, a well timed sniffle or sneeze out in public will clear a path right through the crowd and to the cash register. First time I’ve ever had a super power before!

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    1. Nice idea! However, even in these extraordinary times British shopping queues are rather resilient things, so I think on balance I will continue to suppress any potential super-power with my normal hayfever medication. 🙂

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      1. I hope the British queues are nice and orderly and refined. That’s how we American’s imagine that the British do everything. Whereas, over here in the colonies, everything is madness and mayhem. I’ve been trying to avoid going out in public … not so much to avoid the flu, but just to avoid the jerkiness of my fellow man.

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      2. To be honest, I have never really noticed much of a difference in behaviour between a British “queue” and a “line” in the US. However, since most of my visits to America have been in the summer months I do have the impression that you all wait your turn in the sunshine, rather than standing patiently in the rain which is more the norm over here.

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      3. You may be right. I think it is mostly a perception thing. Most of us Americans think of the British as being polite and gracious. I shudder to think what British people think of Americans (please don’t tell me).

        You’re right about the sun vs. the rain. I had not considered that. I can’t think of much I would wait in the rain for … except maybe sunshine. 😀

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