There’s lots and lots of stuff, All piled within this space, It all looks rather jumbled, Though most things do have a place. Some is packed in boxes, Some of it is bagged, And for basic thermal reasons, The tank and pipes are lagged. It’s always rather chilly, Stacking Christmas bits away, And hot when […]

Work Day

Up at dawn – Stifle yawn, Cup of tea – Bite of pastry, Catch the train – Late again, Office greeting – In a meeting, Twelve fifteen – Work canteen, Afternoon – Papers strewn, Work computer – Then commuter, Train delay – Like yesterday, Home at eight – Dinner plate, Watch the news – And […]

Family Wedding

Rehashed cartoon and audio track from last summer in honour of a family wedding today … (Other limericks are available here.  This audio file was generated using the Daniel voice of Text2Speech and the Looperman ( track “Analog Wedding Pipe Organ” by Danke.  Audio file will also be available on Soundcloud.)  


Whilst having a bit of a laugh, he wore an extremely long scarf, Which then made him fall, And look very un-cool, In a candidly shot photograph. More limericks at