Predictably this morning’s rain meant that we saw virtually no one else out and about during our “daily exercise” walk.  However, we did see an unusually large number of snails …

Virtual Wine

I am dreaming of a place, With a wide open space, And grapes on the vine, To make top notch wine. Of course I am thinking, Of wine well worth drinking, But unsure in my head, Is it a white – or a red? (Original sketch at, other rhymes at


Seems we’re all either very busy or very idle at the moment – so many heartfelt thanks to the busy ones from someone who is currently idling …


There once was a virus which stalked this earth, From Inuit igloos down to the Aussies in Perth, Causing coughing and fevers and shortness of breath, Bringing panic and mayhem and premature death, But the strangest thing that this bug brought about, Was that loo rolls and pasta completely sold out! Other rhymes are available […]