Occasional cartoons featuring a stick-man with a circular face … a simple visual format in which to look at the quirks, ironies and mishaps of life. I initially thought of using a standard comic strip layout, but switched to the 2×2 block layout when I realised that a single line of pictures doesn’t work very well on a phone screen.  Sometimes I’m also tempted to make things rhyme, either in the form of a Limerick (loosely interpreted) or as standard verses.

Of course Sir Cool isn’t really very cool at all – it’s just that I couldn’t resist the fairly awful pun referring to the shape of his head!  Neither are Sir Cool’s experiences strictly auto-biographical.  However, since these cartoons originate from the same brain that is otherwise full of my own memories, thoughts and concerns, it would seem that those who know me well can spot a number of similarities between us.  That being said, I definitely have more hair than Sir Cool does …

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