Sir Cool

Occasional cartoons featuring a stick-man with a circular face … a simple visual format in which to look at the quirks, ironies and mishaps of life.  Of course Sir Cool isn’t really very cool at all – it’s just that I couldn’t resist the fairly awful pun referring to the shape of his head!  Neither are Sir Cool’s experiences strictly auto-biographical.  However, since these cartoons originate from the same brain that is otherwise full of my own memories, thoughts and concerns, it would seem that those who know me well can spot a number of similarities between us.  That being said, I definitely have more hair than Sir Cool does …

Mr S. Cargo

This garden mollusc has a slower, lower and perhaps a more Gallic perspective than you or me.  Although quite slow to get around, he is as prone to random and occasionally insightful thoughts as the rest of us.  It remains to be seen whether any of his more perceptive muses actually make it into these cartoons.

Just in case you were wondering, as I am obviously not a snail the S. Cargo cartoons aren’t auto-biographical either …

Musing Hats

I fondly (& perhaps rather foolishly) imagine that these hats can discern the thoughts in the heads that are wearing them. They also seem to have views about those thoughts …

Limericks & Other Rhymes

Occasionally I’m also tempted to make things rhyme, either in the form of a Limerick (loosely interpreted) or as standard verses.  I am undecided as to whether it is more important that something rhymes or that it was a thought worth writing down in the first place.  The evidence so far is that the fun of rhyming something seems to have the edge …

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