Sunshine and showers again today! This cartoon was originally just a commentry on the weather this weekend, but if you want to see it as a metaphor for our current situation as portrayed in the news every day it seems to work. (The full view and others available on


Guy Fawkes (aka Guido Fawkes or John Johnson) appears to have been the original “fall guy” … (if you will pardon the multiple pun!)

Cup of Tea

First real muse in quite a while … apologies that I couldn’t bring it to a more definitive conclusion …

Old News

Think this one might contain the germ of an idea about how to economise on the newspaper budget …


Our local horse chestnut “bombing season” is pretty much over now, but the evidence of this recent hail of conkers is still lying on the ground beneath every tree …

Autumn Fare

Who doesn’t like the fare at this time of year? (Not to be confused with the seasonal fund-raising event on the village green of course!)


So the moral of the tale is don’t jump to conclusions … oh I see – that boat has sailed – you already have!