An Introduction …

Do you think that anyone would be interested in reading the transcript of an intelligent conversation?

Maybe. Why do you want to know? Have you come across something like that whilst browsing on the internet, or are you perhaps thinking of writing something yourself?

Writing something myself of course …

Really! You must be joking? Where are you going to find the material or get the inspiration to write up an “intelligent” conversation?

I though I might base my writing on some of our discussions – only the best ones of course …

Our discussions? And what are the chances of anyone considering our discussions “intelligent”?

The chances? Quite good – must be at least “evens” I would have thought.

“Evens”? You’re dreaming – I think your plan is decidedly “odd”! Where were you thinking of publishing these “conversations”?

On my website …

And have you thought of a name or title for this website?

I was thinking of “Quod Vox” – that is latin for the voice of reason.

Latin! I didn’t realise you knew latin …

I don’t – but Google Translate does!

Google! I hope you’re not relying on Google to find all the other “intelligent conversation” for this website?

No of course not. Google’s role is to help other people find my words of wisdom.

Ok. I challenge you to put some of our banter onto your website and see what Google does with it!

Challenge accepted …


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