A Start …


So, where are you going to begin these “intelligent” dialogues?

Well, at the start I suppose …

The start? You’re talking about the Big Bang perhaps? Or maybe the story of creation?

No, that’s not what I meant, although they might be good things to talk about later on.

So what do you mean?

I mean inside our heads.

You’ve lost me – what is there inside our heads that has anything to do with “the start”?

Your thoughts. Your awareness of the world. Your understanding of … well of everything you understand. They all start in your head – and in mine of course.

I don’t follow. Your head and mine are rather modern – they’ve only been around for a few decades, whilst the universe has existed for billions of years.

True. However, the only universe you know about, you have only known about for a few decades. It is a matter of perspective whether the “start” was billions of years ago or the moment you first realised that the universe was out there.

What does it matter when I learnt about it? The universe doesn’t care whether I know about it or not – it is there anyway, and has been for a very long time.

It matters because when you think about anything you think about it in your head. What you know about anything you know about it in your head.

Well I know about this mad conversation, and that is definitely moving through the air between the two of us.

Indeed the sound is travelling between us, but the understanding of it is only in your head – and in mine.

I rather suspect that what passes for an understanding of your nonense is rather different in your head than in mine.

Maybe – but thanks for conceding my point!


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