I presume that I’m not the only one who habitually adds too many “finishing touches” to my pictures …


Encountered a wide variety of paths on our walk near Dorking today … More rhymes available at musing75.com/rhymes

Cup of Tea

First real muse in quite a while … apologies that I couldn’t bring it to a more definitive conclusion …

Old News

Think this one might contain the germ of an idea about how to economise on the newspaper budget …


So the moral of the tale is don’t jump to conclusions … oh I see – that boat has sailed – you already have!


I presume other people have this issue too – how do I find out if the company calling is really who they say they are, and why is it so important that they ask security questions of me when they have already selected me to call?


Lest anyone should get too carried away with the comparison, I should point out that Piet Mondrian was a highly skilled artist who knew what he was trying to achieve with his creations, whereas I am/do not …


Almost as if he forgot the second chair on purpose … after all it is easier to carry one seat than two!


I like to define a good holiday as one where I manage to leave day-to-day issues behind. Unfortunately it seems that I store passwords in the day-to-day part of my brain …