I still don’t understand.  What stops all the nasty particles and droplets in the air from simply whizzing around the sides of the plastic shield when the wearer breathes in and out?  Maybe someone can explain …

Virtual Wine

I am dreaming of a place, With a wide open space, And grapes on the vine, To make top notch wine. Of course I am thinking, Of wine well worth drinking, But unsure in my head, Is it a white – or a red? (Original sketch at, other rhymes at


Strange rocks, geysers and thermal pools, Deep canyons with thundering waterfalls, Sulphurous vents that really stank, Hot water without a hot water tank, A very old Saga about Erik the Red, And his recently rebuilt homestead, Active volcanoes which are overdue, Shrinking glaciers where once they grew, Long place names like Eyjafjallajökull, And fjords which […]

On Time

Well that is what St Paul appears to have been thinking when he wrote “at the right time Christ died for the ungodly” – although I suspect that to worry about the timing of Easter is to miss the point … (BTW bible quote from the Letter of Paul to the Romans 5v6)


This one created in response to a theme suggestion of “the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord” – although it’s possible I’ve entirely missed the main point of that theme with this sketch! (BTW if you are wondering – bible quote is from Psalm 78v4)