Larger Vehicle

There’s always another one which is larger, faster, louder or just cooler.  The trick is not to be bothered about them …


He used to commute for hours every day, Along a busy and congested motorway, So he changed his career, Took a job that was near, To have time to consider his drop in pay! (Other limericks are available here.  This audio file was generated using the Daniel voice of Text2Speech and the Looperman ( track […]

My Car

My car is really rather basic, It isn’t very smart, You have to coax the gear-stick, And the glove-box falls apart! I cannot claim it’s fuel efficient, Nor really very fast, The driver’s door is slightly bent, It wasn’t ever built to last. The heater often doesn’t make much heat, The paint is badly scratched, […]


Whilst driving his car along the busy main road, As forecast the weather first rained then it snowed, His wheels became stuck, In the slush and the muck, And now he’s sat waiting for his turn to be towed! More limericks at