Pump Prices

Although whether fuel prices should ever drop again perhaps depends less on economics and more on one’s take on environmental issues …


In a similar vein, does “global warming” mean that we are now all getting on much better with each other?


I thought I knew what this word means – but now I think about it I’m not so sure … More rhymes available at musing75.com/rhymes


Humdrum rather than exciting perhaps. BTW slipped in a little homage to Wayne’s World for those who remember and appreciate such things … Not! 😉


Been a while since I’ve taken a pop at our local orbital motorway!  A few months ago the traffic levels had fallen so much that it was (almost) a joy to drive along.  Now the traffic seems pretty much back to normal – or maybe that should be the “new normal” as most super-fast cars […]

Carbon Footprint

Bit disappointed at this apparent lack of gallantry – he could/should have pointed out that there would be plenty of time to chat whilst walking or cycling instead …