Been a while since I’ve posted anything – either time has sped up … or I have slowed right down!

Carbon Footprint

Bit disappointed at this apparent lack of gallantry – he could/should have pointed out that there would be plenty of time to chat whilst walking or cycling instead …


So maybe now I’ll have time to get things done …  (This audio file was generated using the Fiona voice of Text2Speech. Other rhymes available at

On Time

Well that is what St Paul appears to have been thinking when he wrote “at the right time Christ died for the ungodly” – although I suspect that to worry about the timing of Easter is to miss the point … (BTW bible quote from the Letter of Paul to the Romans 5v6)

Past Present Future

The future is out there somewhere, Of that there is no doubt, The past is tucked inside my head, For me to think about. The future is unknown, The who, the when, the what, The past seems very certain, Though sometimes best forgot! They seem so very different, Things that were or are to be, […]


Things seem rather hectic, As events go rushing past, I need to find a better way, To make the moment last. The pace of time does vary, (said Einstein) with your speed, I find it also often alters, Just to frustrate my need, A quiet schedule slows time down, To the pace of an elderly […]