Sunshine and showers again today! This cartoon was originally just a commentry on the weather this weekend, but if you want to see it as a metaphor for our current situation as portrayed in the news every day it seems to work. (The full view and others available on


Predicting increased umbrella sales this summer and a corresponding drop in the amount of sun cream sold – remember you heard it here first (or maybe not!) …


Predictably this morning’s rain meant that we saw virtually no one else out and about during our “daily exercise” walk.  However, we did see an unusually large number of snails …


Weather comes and weather goes, Sometimes it rains, sometimes it blows, Sometimes there’s a winter freezing chill, Sometimes it’s humid and hot and still, Sometimes the sun is shining bright, Sometimes the clouds are black as night, Sometimes it’s just dull and grey, I wonder what weather we’ll have today? (Other rhymes are available here.  […]