Dead Sea

By jeep, by camel, by bus to see,The sights along the Jordan Valley,Then finally to the beach where we,Floated in (or on!) the salty Dead Sea.


I like to define a good holiday as one where I manage to leave day-to-day issues behind. Unfortunately it seems that I store passwords in the day-to-day part of my brain …


Predicting increased umbrella sales this summer and a corresponding drop in the amount of sun cream sold – remember you heard it here first (or maybe not!) …


Strange rocks, geysers and thermal pools, Deep canyons with thundering waterfalls, Sulphurous vents that really stank, Hot water without a hot water tank, A very old Saga about Erik the Red, And his recently rebuilt homestead, Active volcanoes which are overdue, Shrinking glaciers where once they grew, Long place names like Eyjafjallajökull, And fjords which […]