We watch, we wait, then we hesitate. We wash, we wait, then we fumigate. We stop, we wait, then we isolate. We relax, we wait, then we congregate. We faff, we wait, then we vacillate. We stall, we wait, then we hibernate. We test, we wait, then we inoculate. More rhymes available at


Encountered a wide variety of paths on our walk near Dorking today … More rhymes available at

Virtual Wine

I am dreaming of a place, With a wide open space, And grapes on the vine, To make top notch wine. Of course I am thinking, Of wine well worth drinking, But unsure in my head, Is it a white – or a red? (Original sketch at, other rhymes at


There once was a virus which stalked this earth, From Inuit igloos down to the Aussies in Perth, Causing coughing and fevers and shortness of breath, Bringing panic and mayhem and premature death, But the strangest thing that this bug brought about, Was that loo rolls and pasta completely sold out! Other rhymes are available […]


Strange rocks, geysers and thermal pools, Deep canyons with thundering waterfalls, Sulphurous vents that really stank, Hot water without a hot water tank, A very old Saga about Erik the Red, And his recently rebuilt homestead, Active volcanoes which are overdue, Shrinking glaciers where once they grew, Long place names like Eyjafjallajökull, And fjords which […]


He had just spent a week, In the land of the Greek, Taking a peek, At the ruins. They took photos with phones, Of some tombs without bones, And piles of stones, At the ruins. Though their guide said a lot, There’s some he’s forgot, ‘Cos gosh was it hot, At the ruins!


So maybe now I’ll have time to get things done …  (This audio file was generated using the Fiona voice of Text2Speech. Other rhymes available at


Looking through old photos, Gave me pause for thought, Amazed at where the time goes, And what those years have taught. Smiling from a polaroid, We were truly innocent, Not knowing choices to avoid, Nor mishaps to prevent. The others smiling next to me, Their names I’ve quite forgot, I guess that is because we […]

Inside My Head

Who is the me inside my head? Who understood those books I read? Who wanted to say all the things I said? My mind – or so I’m persuaded! But what is the thing that is my mind? Is it neurones and synapses intertwined? Or is it something of a different kind? Machine or spirit […]