Whilst driving his car along the busy main road, As forecast the weather first rained then it snowed, His wheels became stuck, In the slush and the muck, And now he’s sat waiting for his turn to be towed! More limericks at


A Christmas quiz – although you will have to supply your own answers! Enjoy … What are you thinking this cold Christmas night? Does the future you’re facing seem stormy or bright? Is the Bethlehem tale, Full of wonder – or stale? Was that star just a comet, or a portent of light? More limericks […]

Choral Anthem

They sang the anthem with all their might, Dressed in robes, they were quite a sight, As the words of the rhyme, And the harmonies sublime, Made the spirits of the audience soar in flight. More limericks at


In response to the “Limerick Challenge” on Mind & Life Matters, here is a little wedding ditty … They started proceedings with a timid “I do”, Gave their full names and then made promises too, Then they each gave a ring, She remembered to bring, Something old, something new and things borrowed and blue. More […]

Travel Plans

The inevitability of spending time travelling … (N.B. quite different from the inevitability of “time travelling” of course!)