Best not to worry too much about how a wimple can keep its shape without a head inside it, and puzzle instead about how on earth a simple wimple comes to be musing on the prospects for religious vocations …

Thin Blue Line

I have never been quite clear whether this thin blue line is just metaphorical or whether it is actually drawn on a map somewhere …


In a similar vein, does “global warming” mean that we are now all getting on much better with each other?


Perhaps this is what ELO were singing about* all those years ago … (*Can’t Get It Out Of My Head – written by Jeff Lynne)


Not that I’m jealous, just rather bemused both by the scale of their wealth and how they choose to spend the money …


Been a while since I’ve posted anything – either time has sped up … or I have slowed right down!


… and of course the date when this chaos will end is itself still to be confirmed!