All very well becoming indignant with a story line in a fiction book – probably means the book is well written. Not so clever to be made indignant by a piece of fake news though …


Or maybe he is listening to Mussorgsky, Madness or Marilyn Manson. So, even if he can’t sing, at least he does appear to have rather eclectic musical tastes …

Dead Sea

By jeep, by camel, by bus to see,The sights along the Jordan Valley,Then finally to the beach where we,Floated in (or on!) the salty Dead Sea.


Best not to worry too much about how a wimple can keep its shape without a head inside it, and puzzle instead about how on earth a simple wimple comes to be musing on the prospects for religious vocations …

Thin Blue Line

I have never been quite clear whether this thin blue line is just metaphorical or whether it is actually drawn on a map somewhere …


In a similar vein, does “global warming” mean that we are now all getting on much better with each other?


Perhaps this is what ELO were singing about* all those years ago … (*Can’t Get It Out Of My Head – written by Jeff Lynne)