Jam Crisis

There was a catastrophe unforeseen, No jam in a jar where jam had been, Nothing to spread, On slices of bread, Hence the “Great Jam Crisis of Twenty Seventeen” ! Inspired by a catering miscalculation during a trip to rural Denmark last year … This audio was generated using the Fiona voice of Text2Speech – […]


Looking through old photos, Gave me pause for thought, Amazed at where the time goes, And what those years have taught. Smiling from a polaroid, We were truly innocent, Not knowing choices to avoid, Nor mishaps to prevent. The others smiling next to me, Their names I’ve quite forgot, I guess that is because we […]


“Punting is not as easy as it looks. As in rowing, you soon learn how to get along and handle the craft, but it takes long practice before you can do this with dignity and without getting the water all up your sleeve.” (from Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome, pub. London […]

Inside My Head

Who is the me inside my head? Who understood those books I read? Who wanted to say all the things I said? My mind – or so I’m persuaded! But what is the thing that is my mind? Is it neurones and synapses intertwined? Or is it something of a different kind? Machine or spirit […]