Been a while since I’ve posted anything – either time has sped up … or I have slowed right down!


… and of course the date when this chaos will end is itself still to be confirmed!


Sometimes they start easily after the winter – sometimes they don’t. An allegory perhaps for the process of restarting a life put on hold for a year by the pandemic …

Silver Lining

So I guess the moral of this story is that if you have your best books lined up neatly behind you, then turn around …


We watch, we wait, then we hesitate. We wash, we wait, then we fumigate. We stop, we wait, then we isolate. We relax, we wait, then we congregate. We faff, we wait, then we vacillate. We stall, we wait, then we hibernate. We test, we wait, then we inoculate. More rhymes available at