Not quite true of course – there are still parties happening but they tend to be illegal and even make the news if nothing else too shocking has happened that day.


Guy Fawkes (aka Guido Fawkes or John Johnson) appears to have been the original “fall guy” … (if you will pardon the multiple pun!)


Okay – so I admit I’m just a European. You could argue that this topic is none of my business – or maybe you might think that I have a useful perspective from over here …


The original concept related simply to the vanity of the uniform – but given the way that Covid-19 has decimated the aviation industries I felt a certain moderation was required …


I still don’t understand.  What stops all the nasty particles and droplets in the air from simply whizzing around the sides of the plastic shield when the wearer breathes in and out?  Maybe someone can explain …