Funny all the wierd effects that a war can cause, although of course in fact war isn’t funny at all (the TV show “Dad’s Army” being the exception that proves this particular rule!)


Best not to worry too much about how a wimple can keep its shape without a head inside it, and puzzle instead about how on earth a simple wimple comes to be musing on the prospects for religious vocations …

Thin Blue Line

I have never been quite clear whether this thin blue line is just metaphorical or whether it is actually drawn on a map somewhere …


In expectation that the return of the All England Championships this year will create the habitual rush of activity on the tennis courts of our parks and receation grounds …


Not quite true of course – there are still parties happening but they tend to be illegal and even make the news if nothing else too shocking has happened that day.


Guy Fawkes (aka Guido Fawkes or John Johnson) appears to have been the original “fall guy” … (if you will pardon the multiple pun!)